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MessagePackObject Constructor (Byte, Boolean)
Initializes a new instance of the Byte[] type which wraps Byte[] instance with specified manner.

Namespace: MsgPack
Assembly: MsgPack (in MsgPack.dll) Version: 0.6.0
public MessagePackObject(
	byte[] value,
	bool isBinary


Type: SystemByte
A bytes array to be wrapped.
Type: SystemBoolean
true if value always should be binary; false, otherwise.
When the isBinary is true, then resulting object represents binary even if the value is valid utf-8 sequence, that is, its UnderlyingType should be Byte[]. On the other hand, when contrast, the isBinary is false, and if the value is valid utf-8, then the resulting object can be String, and its UnderlyingType should be String.
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