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MsgPack Namespace

MsgPack namespace defines primitives of MessagePack for CLI.

It includes MessagePackObject which is lightweight object representing MessagePack type system, Packer which is packing primitive, and Unpacker which is unpacking primitive.

Although you should usually use convinience MsgPack.Serialization APIs to serialize or deserialize object in MessagePack format, you can use these primitives to control over serialization depending on internal state of the target object, etc.

Public classInvalidMessagePackStreamException
Exception occured when inbound stream is invalid as serialized Message Pack stream.
Public classKnownExtTypeCode
Defines known ext type code for MessagePack for CLI.
Public classKnownExtTypeName
Defines known ext type name for MessagePack for CLI.
Public classMessageNotSupportedException
Exception occurs when serialized stream contains structures or features which will never be supported by MsgPack/CLI implementation.
Public classMessagePackConvert
Define common convert rountines specific to MessagePack.
Public classMessagePackObjectDictionary
Public classMessagePackObjectDictionaryKeySet
Represents the set of MessagePackObjectDictionary keys.
Public classMessagePackObjectDictionaryValueCollection
Represents the collection of values in a MessagePackObjectDictionary.
Public classMessagePackObjectEqualityComparer
Public classMessageTypeException
Represents unpacking error when message type is unknown or unavailable.
Public classPacker
Implements serialization feature of MsgPack.
Public classPackerUnpackerExtensions
Defines extension method to pack or unpack various objects.
Public classPackingOptions
Represents options of packing.
Public classUnassignedMessageTypeException
Represents unpacking error when message type is not valid because 0xC1 will never be assigned.
Public classUnpacker
Implements deserializing feature of MsgPack.
Public classUnpackException
Represents generic unpacking error.
Public classUnpacking
Defines direct conversion value from/to Message Pack binary stream without intermediate MessagePackObject.
Public classUnpackingStream
Represents raw binary as read only Stream.
Public classUnpackingStreamReader
Implements TextReader which reads raw binary Stream with specific Encoding.
Public interfaceIPackable
Represents objects which knows how to pack ifself using specified Packer.
Public interfaceIUnpackable
Defines interface for object which can be deserialzed from MessagePack object.
Public enumerationPackerCompatibilityOptions
Defines compatibility options for Packer.