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MessagePack for CLI 0.6.1
MessagePack for CLI is interoperable serialization library for any CLI environments (C#, VB, F#, etc. on CLR(.NET), Mono, etc.). Site:

MsgPack namespace defines primitives of MessagePack for CLI.

It includes MessagePackObject which is lightweight object representing MessagePack type system, Packer which is packing primitive, and Unpacker which is unpacking primitive.

Although you should usually use convinience MsgPack.Serialization APIs to serialize or deserialize object in MessagePack format, you can use these primitives to control over serialization depending on internal state of the target object, etc.


MsgPack.Serialization namespace defines serializer features of MessagePack for CLI.

It includes a MessagePackSerializerT class which is convinient serializer for any serializable object, and its factory, a MessagePackSerializer static class. This namespace also includes SerializationContext which manages context information including serializer repository and configuration.

This namespace also includes many custom attributes to control serialization behaviors and enums/classes for optional or compatibility switches.


MsgPack.Serialization.CollectionSerializers namespace includes helper base classes to simplify collection serializers implementation. This namespace is not intended to be used from application code directly.