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SerializerCodeGenerationConfigurationIsInternalToMsgPackLibrary Property
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the generated serializers will be internal to MsgPack library itself.

Namespace: MsgPack.Serialization
Assembly: MsgPack (in MsgPack.dll) Version: 0.6.0
public bool IsInternalToMsgPackLibrary { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Boolean
true if the generated serializers are internal to MsgPack library itself; otherwise, false.
When you use MsgPack in Unity3D, you can import the library in source code form to your assets. And, you may also import generated serializers together, then the generated serializers and MsgPack library will be same assembly ultimately. It causes compilation error because some of overriding members have accessbility FamilyOrAssembly(protected internal in C#), so the generated source code must have the accessibility when and only when they will be same assembly as MsgPack library itself.
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