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SerializationContext Properties

The SerializationContext type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCompatibilityOptions
Gets the compatibility options.
Public propertyStatic memberDefault
Gets or sets the default instance.
Public propertyDefaultCollectionTypes
Gets the default collection types.
Public propertyDefaultDateTimeConversionMethod
Gets or sets the default DateTime conversion methods of built-in serializers.
Public propertyEnumSerializationMethod
Gets or sets the EnumSerializationMethod to determine default serialization strategy of enum types.
Public propertyExtTypeCodeMapping
Gets the current mapping table of ext type code.
Public propertyGeneratorOption
Gets or sets the SerializationMethodGeneratorOption to control code generation.
Public propertySerializationMethod
Gets or sets the SerializationMethod to determine serialization strategy.
Public propertySerializers
Gets the current SerializerRepository.
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