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IMessagePackSingleObjectSerializer Interface
Defines non-generic message pack serializer interface for byte array which contains a single object.

Namespace: MsgPack.Serialization
Assembly: MsgPack (in MsgPack.dll) Version: 0.6.0
public interface IMessagePackSingleObjectSerializer : IMessagePackSerializer

The IMessagePackSingleObjectSerializer type exposes the following members.

Public methodPackSingleObject
Serialize specified object to the array of Byte.
Public methodPackTo
Serialize specified object with specified Packer.
(Inherited from IMessagePackSerializer.)
Public methodUnpackFrom
Deserialize object with specified Unpacker.
(Inherited from IMessagePackSerializer.)
Public methodUnpackSingleObject
Deserialize a single object from the array of Byte which contains a serialized object.
Public methodUnpackTo
Deserialize collection items with specified Unpacker and stores them to collection.
(Inherited from IMessagePackSerializer.)
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodPack(Stream, Object)Overloaded.
Serializes specified object to the Stream with default PackerCompatibilityOptions.
(Defined by MessagePackSerializerExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodPack(Stream, Object, PackerCompatibilityOptions)Overloaded.
Serializes specified object to the Stream.
(Defined by MessagePackSerializerExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodUnpack
Deserialize object from the Stream.
(Defined by MessagePackSerializerExtensions.)
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